Kitchen Arrangement for Happy Cooking

pressure cookerNo matter what you try, proper kitchen tools such as the pressure cooker or a set of sharp knives play an important part. A well designed kitchen can turn cooking from an exhausting duty into the joy for everyone, even your children. In many years of my life, I have to do the cooking inside a small room and I don’t like that at all. After we built our own house, everything changed with the kitchen that I designed myself. Now cooking is one of my hobbies. I love to cook for my family and friends.

Basic knowledge about kitchen decoration and design can be helpful to you anytime. Sometimes, changing the positions of the equipment can also make a huge difference. If you want to make a whole new plan for kitchen renovation or just improve what you are having at the moment, please do not depend on architect’s opinions or a professional kitchen planner. They don’t know your family habit and the requirements you and your family members need. You are the only one that understands what to keep and what to get rid of to bring the best choice to the house and also the budget.

  1. Improve your life with a functional kitchen.

When we began constructing a new house for our own, I have searched and read many books about kitchen decoration and design. And there was one thing I realized that almost all the websites about kitchen are affected badly by the advertisement. I can’t see any of the above useful to me.

kitchenWhen you consider planning the kitchen, first of all, please make sure what you want your kitchen to have. Do you like baking and roasting or you enjoy boiling and frying food? How to have enough space for the fridge you need? And also how many tables and chair in the kitchen? If there is another one cooking inside your kitchen, how can you arrange the place so that it would be enough for 2 or even 3 cooks without colliding to each other? Should breakfasts and simple lunch in the kitchen or you just want the kitchen to be the cooking place?

  1. Should I place the washing machine in the kitchen?

washing machineThere is an important question that you need to answer:  Do you want to put it in your kitchen? It the answer is yes, you need larger space for the washing machine but also for other tools that go along with it such as iron, dryer and the area for dirty clothes waiting to be washed.

  1. Traffic report:

Before plan the detailed plans, make sure that you barely know the traffic of your kitchen that you will try to handle. Many people will move in and out your kitchen and use the fridge, the sink, or even your stove. You need to calculate if the children can get in easily and take their supper and drinks or not, and rill the way into your kitchen and other places will be easy throughout. Do you need a backdoor or basement door?

Mark all the main traffics from and to your kitchen and begin with a plan. If you have a small kitchen with many doors in and out, it could be very useful to close some of them to decrease the traffic and making more spaces. It is also essential to connect with the eating and living room. For most of the time you will live and entertain there, so use your time to design them for better life improvement.

  1. Sinks for your kitchen:

Sinks in your kitchen must depend on the cooking area of you. It can be small or large, with 2 or more trays. But in my opinion, the larger your sinks can be, the easier you can handle with the food. The raw food is what you have to deal with almost everyday, therefore a kitchen sink that is big enough for you to wash and prepare the meat or the vegetable or even both at the same time would be perfect!

The kitchen is one of the most exciting and interesting place in the house, so don’t be a fool and make it just a duty with a tiny space and dirty appliances. It could be the paradise for you when you need real space for your own. Thanks for reading my article. See you soon!