Let’s Bring the Great Benefits of Music to Your Child’s Brain

Most of children have their inherent ability on music. No matter how well babies respond to music, they also are able to make contact with music from just under two years old. For example, a YouTube video has being demonstrated, babies would move rhythmically forward the sound of music. In fact, they seems to make at least basic respond to heard tempo and rhythm more easily better than they do to make an even simple speech. In modern life, having devices making and playing music is quite easy. People have no reason to refuse letting their children expose to music. High quality MP3, Ipod, Ipad, radio, or even best turntable can be easy found on the market with a reasonable price. If you want to keep the budget, find a device on the Internet. There is the place for you to read many truly review and compare the price before making any purchase. At first, following the article to find down why we need a music player in your home.

According to many researches, experts have shown that there are influences of music on human heart beat. It is not only able to keep the heart calm down but also speed it up. Now scientists show as well how music can make a lot of positive effects on the children’ brains. Look for the reason bear your child near to music.

The Connection between Music and Brain

Positive Effect of Music on Children

  1. Music Improves Your Child’ Brain

Many studies show that music has great power impact to the brain development. Babies taking Suzuki music in their lesson series can reach better results in mathematical, reading skills and higher IQ scores. By being trained with focus and attention to the music, babies’ brains are involved to high level of concentration. Exposing to music, especially listening to suitable songs at the pauses between their movements, physical activities will help the brains’ capacity larger with better anticipation and attention. The way teaching and taking a rest with music or taking musical training should be used at early ages. It helps their brain has strongly respond and be sustained along child’s life.

  1. Music as a Good Lecture Teaching Babies Become Better Readers

Music and Read

If you are wondering music truly can improve your child’s reading skills? The answer is “Yes”. Many researches have shown that there are close and direct link between verbal skills and music training. Rhythm of music can activate the area in child’s brain and sharpen their ability to quick neural events help sound and speech in sight occurs faster. If children stay in early musical training, they are able to develop great literacy and best verbal skills.

  1. Music Helps Child’s Emotional Intelligence Development

By exposing to music via many training courses, one’s ability will be sharpened and easier to recognize the emotion along the melodies. This might help children realize the emotional cues more sensitively, anyways, in normal social contexts of their daily behavior. In other words, this is called empathy development of emotional intelligence which helps them avoid the aggression and bullying at school. It also makes children develop their own ability in responding to the other people on right way and still taking care of themselves.

Negative Influence of Violent Music on Child’s Brain

Besides a lot of benefits of music that I mentioned above, it still exists some negative effects if choosing music and listen to it in wrong way. Particularly, violent music is a clear example. People said that “music can tame one’s heart, but also inflame her/his mind to the violence”. In fact, many studies shown that the aggressive feelings and thoughts in child can be reinforced by violent music. The antisocial themes of this music kind accentuate children’s negative emotions and become a risk with antisocial behaviors.

In the same way, there are a lot of kids don’t know which type of music they should listen to. Some, they choose music that doesn’t fit their ages. A little boy is everyday exposing to love songs. He might even sing along the lyrics written about miss and love a girl. That is totally not good. Or another example, the other day, I met a little girl listening to a music video. In most of the video scenes, the actors fight together with full of blood on their faces and hands. What would you think in the moment? I just wondered if the little was influenced by the video. My sincere though was “yes”. Even though much or less, kid will be thought about what they saw in the past. As the result, music they listened and scenes they saw become a part of their memories. It is never wrong when we said that “music is one of great education”. However, let us choose suitable and best education for your kids.

Kids Exposing to Music

In Summary

We all know that everything has two sides. Yes, it is. But how we can take advantage of the good side and reduce the bad one; that is our mission. Choosing suitable type of music for your children is the issue for parents. Music training is the same as a special education in the beginning of their life. Most of us don’t care enough of music what our kids listen to. Why? Because of this so busy life in modern era. Too many tasks need to be achieved. That is one of the true reasons for children with antisocial behaviors nowadays. Let’s take a bit time to help your children grow in appropriate music. Now, it is right to look for a music player for yourself. Give your child the best music training. I hope the post bring you good idea as well as give a clear overview about your children music education. Have a good day!