Most Common Pasta Cooking Mistakes and How to Remedy Them

pastaEveryone like to enjoy the taste and flavor of Italian pasta every now and then. Some of you simply go to Italian restaurants nearby, but there are others that would like to cook it on their own in their own kitchens.

Some Italian chefs and cooking experts have conducted a simple survey recently, regarding the way people cook pasta and have established that people make a number of mistakes when cooking pasta on their own. Let’s take a look at their findings in detail.

  • People don’t Use Cooking Pots of the Appropriate Size

Arguably the most common issue when cooking pasta. If you want to cook it properly, experts claim you need four quarts of water per a pound of pasta. However, Italian chefs use more than that – using up to six quarts of water.

cooking pastaPasta requires moving space if it is to cook properly. Using lesser amounts of water will cause the pasta to stick to the surface of the pot and that is yet another problem. Therefore you need to use bigger cooking bots which can accommodate that amount of water and allow the pasta to move freely.

  • People Add Oil to the Pot

As high as 44% of the people in the survey stated they use cooking oil when cooking pasta. Although the origin of this trend is unknown, people probably do this in order to prevent pasta from sticking while it cooks. However, it also makes pasta too slippery making it impossible for sauces to stay on it. When cooking pasta you only need to ensure you have enough water in the pot and stir regularly to avoid sticking.

  • People don’t Add Salt in the Water

People are worried about their health, and that is perfectly understandable. And since salt is thought to be perilous to our healthy diets, people avoid putting too much salt on anything. Most people add a tiny amount of salt in the water when cooking pasta and that is a mistake. Pasta requires a lot more salt to cook right, because salt keeps it from becoming slimy. Italian chefs recommend using a whole tablespoon of salt per gallon of water. Admittedly this sounds like a huge amount of salt, however, pasta doesn’t really absorb all of it.

One instance when you can skip adding salt to the water is when you are cooking fresh pasta.

  • People Put the Past in the Pot before the Water Boils

Never add the pasta to the water before it starts boiling. Normally, water will stop boiling for a short time once you add the ingredients, but this is normal and water will resume boiling soon.

  • People Forget to Stir while Cooking

It was already mentioned that adding oil can spoil the flavor. To make sure the pasta cooks evenly, it is crucial that you stir it regularly while cooking. Not only it will taste better, you will also ensure that nothing will stick to the pot.

  • People Overcook the Pasta

pasta cooksThis probably comes down to taste, but it is a matter of fact that many people overcook it. There are cooks who will cook pasta for as much as five minutes, some less, some more. Undercooking is not as common as overcooking.

Naturally, the best way to ensure you’ve cooked your pasta as per your desires is to taste it in regular intervals while cooking. Most pasta packages have simple instructions written on them, and a cooking time as well. Once you hit that minute number, start tasting it and check if it is done. Also keep in mind that while you keep the pasta in a colander it will still be hot enough for a minute or two and during that time it will continue to cook itself.

  • People Rinse the Pasta when It’s Done

There is no better way to ruin the taste and flavor of pasta than rinsing it when it’s done cooking. And according to the survey, 51% of people do it.

Now, if you have identified any of these mistakes in your pasta cooking routine, be sure to follow the tips and guidelines provided above. You can rest assured they will make the world of difference and your pasta will be that much tastier and enjoyable.