Tips for Using Ceramic Cookware

A ceramic is known as an inorganic non-metallic solid which is made of both metal and non-metal compounds. Ceramic is normally shaped and then made harder through a heating process at high temperature. Ceramic was known having been used commonly in many ancient cultures. Today, cookware made of ceramic become popular in kitchens of household with the variety of colors, shapes and patterns. Here are some tips for you in order to have the best ceramic cookware.

Ceramic cookware

Ceramic cookware

General Information of Ceramic Cookware

There are two main types of ceramic cookware including: 100% ceramic cookware and ceramic coated cookware

Ceramic Coated Cookware

Ceramic Coated cookware consist the body part made of metal while the cooking surface is covered by ceramic coat. The base is usually made of aluminum to guarantee heat circulation and sturdiness. The advantages of ceramic coated cookware are due to the fact that the non-stick cooking surface is totally free from toxic chemicals. Namely, the ceramic coating helps to also prevent the release of the toxic chemicals into food during cooking process. It would be the best kind of cookware that guarantees food safety.

100% Ceramic Cookware

This type of ceramic cookware is made by mixing clay and water into pre-shaped molds. After these molds are shaped like expected for cookware, they are hilt at very high temperature for a long period of time in order to achieve the hardened ceramics surface. There has been a problem with previous types of ceramic cookware, particularly the cheap cookware.  That is they can be easily cracked and broke just with a small external force. This problem has been resolved by utilizing modern manufacturing methods in order to produce ceramic lines which are clay-based and crack-resistant. This type of cookware is considered to be the safest choice for cooking as well as food serving

Tips for Taking Care of Cookware Made Of Ceramic

  1. in Cooking Process: Cooking Under Low to Medium Heat

Ceramic cookware takes longer time to heat up than cookware made of other materials such as metal one, but it can remain the heat quality better then others. In addition, ceramic cookware cannot be heated under extreme temperature for a long time.

How to choose ceramic cookware?

How to choose ceramic cookware?

Therefore, it is advisable to use ceramic products under low heat or medium heating. When you use ceramic pot or pan, you should not use large fire. You should gradually heat up your cookware like pans on lower temperature at certain time. You just add food when it has reached the temperature that you think it is enough for your cooking. After that you should turn down the heating control and keep it in a reasonable level.

  1. Avoiding Damage after Cooking

You should not put hot ceramic cookware on glass surface, if you do that it can damage that surface with scratched. One tip here is that you should put paper or something soft under the ceramic bottom of the pot in order to avoid the damage of glass surface caused by heating of ceramic pot.

  1. Avoiding Soaking Heated Ceramic Cookware into Cold Water

Ceramic cookware can retain heat for a long time. After cooking, it still remains at extremely high temperature. If you soak hot ceramic cookware like plan or pots in cold water, quickly temperature changes can damage the ceramic coating, and affect the quality of ceramic pan. Therefore, you should put pan out of the oven, wait for complete cooling before washing it.

  1. Tips for Deep Cleaning Ceramic Cookware

When using non-stick cookware, usually you are given advice that is avoiding cleansers such as baking soda. Using that kind of cleansers can damage the ceramic surface of this cookware. Although this is truth, people who have never cleaned ceramic coated cookware using that kind of cleanser will understand that it can take too much time remove food waste in these pans.

  1. Store Ceramic Cookware

Using ceramic cookware, especially non-stick pans, you will be told stored separately from other cookware. Collision between ceramic cookware can damage them. Namely, other types of cookware being stored together with ceramic pans can also result scratches on its surface. When storing ceramic coated pans, you should locate a soft paper or any soft material between them in order to protect them from damaging non-stick surface. That kind of materials is relatively available in many supermarkets so that you can easily buy in order to help you decrease scratches on the both surface and inner part of ceramic cookware.


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