Your Listening Pleasure Will Be Totally Satisfied With This Device!

The number of modern music devices introduced to the market recently has reached thousands. You will be confused when trying to choose any kind of music player without knowing about the quality of the sound. Among all those modern devices, there is an old one still lives one and even be more popular over the period of 10 years until now. That’s the record player which is very familiar with adults at the age of 60 and more but is a totally new thing to young generations. In this buying guide, I will show you some of the most basic knowledge to buy the best record player based on you budget.

record player

The first thing you must know before choosing the record player is the type of LPs you are having and the type of records you want to play in the future. Some experts showed that there are many kinds of vinyl records; however, according to the RPM which means revolution per minutes, we can divide them into 3 main types

  • 78s means that mean it takes 78 seconds to spin
  • 33 1/3s that mean it takes 33 and a third seconds to spin
  • 45s that mean it takes 45 seconds to spin

Nowadays, almost all of the record players support all these kinds of records, but in some cases, especially if the player is vintage furniture, or it is an inherited object from a relative of yours, you should check this factor carefully.

After the first problem is solved, you might want to think about the second question: “Do you have to care about the technology change after all those years?” The answer is yes, but not much since the 80s. The materials used of the base and the platter have no differences. In fact, you can have a better choice for the base according to the type of music you want to hear. As normal you can choose the metal base for jazz and blue music, to acoustic record, I prefer wooden handmade base. There is another advantage from the new record player that you can realize easily is the compatibility between the record player and other output and input devices such as PC, laptop or USB.

Then you should consider the style of your record player. You might think it’s not important because any record player is very unique and luxurious, but it is not true at all. Each type of record player has its own shape and size which blends perfectly in a certain living room or bedroom style. According to expert audiophiles, the size of the record player depends mostly on the size of the room. If it is a music room with large size, you can choose some models which has additional jacks for the speakers and sub – woofers.

On the other hand, if your room is just in standard size or even smaller, it’s not a smart option to bring home a big record player that can obstruct the room traffic. Instead, you can take a look at Corsley models that are mostly made of wood in light weight and small size, so that the sound would be beautiful and warm because of the echoing effect of wooden base. In fact, if your room decoration is quite compact and modern, you might consider purchasing a plastic – based phonograph to match with the background, though the sound can’t be as perfect as the wooden one.

The last thing after the record player is yours is the problem of maintenance. Many decades ago, the maintenance of record players is very hard due to the lack of equipment and replacing parts. Nowadays, with the development of technology, the repair and maintaining process is much easier for both manufacturers and customers.  Generally, a standard record player can play for at least 10000 hours before having any troubles. Even in some models, the rubber belt – one of the most part that is easy to worn out – can be replaced easily with just one or two small actions. If you are a person that already has some experiences in fixing appliances, I’m pretty sure that there would be no problem doing the maintenance on your own.